It’s A Festive Time of Year



December 9, 2016

It’s A Festive Time of Year

The holiday season is upon us and regardless of which holiday you might celebrate, anyone can get into a festive spirit this season.

We here at AmHydro love to celebrate and we especially love to celebrate with our hydroponic growing friends.  One of the easiest ways to celebrate is to give your friends a meaningful gift or gift you know they will love.  We are doing that next week – starting December 13th, we are offering our friends 12 Days of Deals.

On the first day of deals, AmHydro gave to me …

On the second day of deals, AmHydro gave to me…

and so on …

Each day starting on December 13, we will offer a new deal, only good for that day.  Sign up for our email list and you’ll receive a schedule so you can plan your holiday or personal shopping.  There are some pretty fantastic deals – some up to 60% discount – and these are our most popular products!

So celebrate with us!  Even if you decide not to take part in our 12 Days of Deals, celebrate that we are feeding our neighbors and communities in the most sustainable way possible and having a great time doing it. 

Drop us a line and share how you celebrated this season.  We would love to chat with you and talk ‘hydro’.