NFT 10K Bundle


The Get Growing!™ NFT 10K
Commercial Bundle
Grow clean. Grow local.
Launch a serious business!

Turn Key


We’ll ship you everything we know you will need, based on our 30+ years of growing experience, including the obvious items like a greenhouse and the hydroponic system, but also the not-so-obvious items like nutrients, seeds, spare parts and even scrub brushes.  OK, not the sun, land, water or energy, but pretty much everything else you will need to Get Growing!  As you start growing, the AmHydro team of growers will be there to answer all your questions.  This ensures that whatever you come up against each season, you’ll have a staff of growing professionals to answer your questions.

Good Return


This bundle, when set up and operating at capacity, should produce enough revenue to cover all expenses and produce a healthy income and operating profit for the owner/operator. Labor and administrative requirement will be 40+ hours per week depending how the operation is run.

Hydroponic NFT System
Grow More


This very efficient hydroponic system boasts twice the productivity per square foot versus other hydroponic systems of a similar size. This system has over 10,000 (10K) plant sites.  5,184 plant sites in finishing channels – the 2 weeks before you harvest; and 5,184 plant sites in nursery channels – the 2 weeks prior to finishing.  And there is an additional 5,000+ sites for growing seeds into seedlings (also known as propagation).

Local & Clean


Grow clean and be local. With an NFT 10K system you can grow lettuce, arugula, basil and many other popular and profitable greens and herbs.  All within minutes of your consumers’ tables and without the use of pesticides.

“The Get Growing!TM NFT 1OK Bundle is very efficient hydroponic system that boasts twice the productivity per square than other systems.”


Choose the business bundle that fits your growing needs.



($30k+ Savings)

A serious,
business enterprise

15,120 plant growing sites
3,780 plant harvest/week
30’ X 144’ greenhouse
60+ hours/week workload



($20k+ Savings)

Starter business for
serious operators

10,368 plant growing sites
2,592 plant harvest/week
30’ X 96’ greenhouse
40+ hours/week workload



($10k+ Savings)

Part-time for
additional income

4,320 plant growing sites
1,080 plant harvest/week
30’ X 48’ greenhouse
20+ hours/week workload

NOTE: These Get Growing!™ business bundles are only offered in the 48 contiguous U.S. States. They are not designed for operations located in Alaska, Hawaii, the U.S. territories or in other countries. For systems outside the U.S., please contact an AmHydro Commerical Specialist to prepare a customized quote at no cost for your specific geographic location.

NOT INCLUDED: We don’t want to oversell. That’s not our style. So let’s state the obvious. You will need to provide: 1) the cash and land to purchase and set up your operation; 2) the labor and equipment to prep your site and set up the greenhouse and system; 3) freight for the greenhouse, system and supplies, and travel and lodging for consultants.



Speak with an expert from our team. 800.458.6543


Hydroponics is an agricultural solution that is being embraced across the U.S. and around the world.  These efficient systems grow plants like lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and cannabis in water-based, nutrient-rich solutions without the use of soil.  Hydroponic systems are a perfect solution.  When compared with soil-based farming, they are:
> More Sustainable… Consuming 1/10th the water and 1/6th the fertilizer of soil-based farms
> More Consistent… Producing predictable quantities and quality for better crop yields
> More Efficient… Producing 10x the amount of crops per area of soil-based farms
> More Clean… Growing crops without pesticides or manure (reducing pathogen risks)
> More Local… Growing closer to markets – on small foot prints near, or in urban centers


American Hydroponics has been designing and building innovative hydroponic systems for over 30 years.  Our NFT, Vine Crop and Medical Crop (cannabis) systems are growing all over the U.S. and in over 60 countries.  Do you want a proven, efficient, clean and dependable system?  We can design one for you, whether it be channel-based or built with bato buckets.  We have proprietary technology and a seasoned support team that will help you optimize your growing operation.

We want to make it easy for you for get growing.  So, we have developed and packaged important services, subscriptions and product kits for you.  You can get a complete hydroponic system or a subscription of seeds and nutrients.  Need your water tested or a custom nutrient formulation?  We have you covered.  How about business planning services or a greenhouse or lighting package.  Call us.


There is almost $20B worth of crops grown hydroponically worldwide each year.  U.S. hydroponic production is projected to grow at twice the rate of the rest of the world.  Why?  With 70% of the world’s freshwater and 40% of its ice-free land already used for agriculture, our growing population and changes in climate require more efficient farming methods.


Our team of growers and engineers has helped design and set up operations ranging in size from a small garage to several acres.  We love all new hydroponic customers and projects.  So give us a call.