Getting Started


AmHydro makes it easy to get set up and running. Let us help you.

Hydroponics is an exciting method of farming that can produce fresh, clean food for your community and a livelihood for you, the grower.
Unfortunately, future growers get discouraged when researching hydroponic systems.  Don’t worry, AmHydro has simplified this process by developing product bundles that make it quick and easy to get growing. We’ve done the hydroponics research for you. Read on and learn more.

Step 1: Research

Market research is not rocket science, but it is important to determine the viability of your operation or business. We want you to be successful, so please take this first step seriously. You will need to find answers to basic questions like: What crops can or should I grow? How many? Who will buy or consume them? How much will they pay?

We have developed our Get Growing! product bundles for different sizes of operations to make it easy for you to get set up. We have named these different product bundles: Commercial, Small Business, Farmers Market, Home & Classroom, and Medical/Cannabis for obvious reasons.

For those interested in setting up a small business, or fund your lifestyle with some extra income, find out who purchases produce. Collect contact information of buyers working for your local supermarkets, schools, medical facilities and restaurants. Interview them. Don’t worry, they won’t bite! Find out the prices they pay and their willingness and ability to purchase their food locally. If you need help getting started, just give us a call.

Some of you may need to construct a greenhouse. If so, you may have to determine what is needed to prepare and permit your greenhouse site. Many of you will not need a building permit, but if you do, call us for plans. You will also want to consider hook-ups for utilities.

And you should arrange for help to construct your greenhouse. If you have purchased one of our Get Growing! bundles with a greenhouse, you will need a construction team and equipment.  Call us. We can help you determine what you will need.  Nothing about this is hard, but no need to recreate the wheel!

getting started research

Step 2: Prepare

Now that you know your operation or business is viable (Step 1), it’s time to prepare its foundation:


File the paper work for your greenhouse building permit and your business incorporation.


Prepare the floor of your greenhouse. Think flat, compacted and don’t forget drainage.


Work with your bank (or family/friends) to raise the necessary funds. Call us for help!


Make the call that will change your life. Order a Get Growing! TM bundle. Our bundles will include everything you will need to get growing. The larger ones even include greenhouses!

You may also want to prepare your market. A little pre-selling/marketing never hurt a new business. Consider setting up a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Tell your friends and ask them to spread the word. You could even pre-sell shares as a way to raise some initial cash!


Step 3: Set Up

With your foundation built (Step 2), it is time to set up your operation or business. If you are setting up a new greenhouse, take delivery of your greenhouse and build it. Setting up your greenhouse will take time, but the process is simple. Depending on size and type, you may want to give your team two to five weeks to construct your greenhouse.

Now comes the fun part! Unpack your Get Growing! Hydroponics Kit and set it up with the help of our staff. We include all of the parts you will need, even some spares! We will be there to help you dial in the system and plant your first batch of seeds.

Once you have planted those seeds, you will have approximately 6 weeks to secure more orders for the first of your many harvests. As you build out your customer list, you will want to understand details regarding delivery times and locations, packaging requirements and quality standards. Map out an efficient delivery route and call us for all your hassle-free packaging needs like labels, bags, clamshells and boxes. We even have the Get Growing! Packaging Subscription to make it easy!



Questions? Speak with an expert from our team. 800.458.6543



Large operations with custom growing needs. We can design a system for you.

Small Business


Full-time and part-time entrepreneurs. We have a turnkey business for you.

Farmers Market


Weekend growers selling to communities. Add some income with a simple system.

Home Classroom


New to hydroponics and eager to learn. We have home and classroom models.

Medical Crops


Specialty systems and nutrients for cannabis. We have helped growers for decades.