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Hydroponic Consulting Services

AmHydro’s Hydroponic System Experts love helping our growers dial in their environmental controls and design custom solutions that optimize crop turns.

With our hydroponic consultation services, a hydroponics expert will design lighting, electronic, refrigeration, and business solutions for your unique situation.

Subscription services are also available to simplify your crop cycles. Tell us about your crop production schedule and we can send all your packaging, labels, seeds, and growing media to you once per quarter.

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Consulting Services

Electronics Consulting & Design

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the tried and true way to grow delicious, uniform crops that keep produce buyers coming back.

Choosing the right CEA components – like pumps, dosers, and heaters – for your climate and crops can be difficult. That’s why we have a service to help you source your electronics and integrate them into your growing system.

Lighting Consulting & Design

Get paired with an AmHydro System Expert who will help you choose your lights, their position in your greenhouse, and set up an automated timer for your system.

Greenhouse Consulting

Our research shows that hydroponic systems are most efficient in greenhouses suited for their climate. Choosing a greenhouse can be daunting, but we’ve been doing it for over 30 years!

Let us help simplify your decision and connect you with our trusted partners. Together, we will design a controlled environment that your crops will thrive in.

Refrigeration Consulting

Ensure that your produce stays fresh until market day by adding refrigeration equipment to your greenhouse. Tell an AmHydro System Expert about your system and they will team up with our favorite industry partners to get you exactly what you need.

Food Safety Consulting

Order the AmHydro Food Safety Consultation and we will teach, test, and certify your business for food safety compliance. Trust us; it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Business Planning & Consulting

We have been helping hydroponic businesses of all sizes with their business plans and investor consultations for over 30 years.

Utilize our Business Planning and Consulting Service and receive one-on-one time with our CEO for personalized business planning strategies and documents to present to potential investors.

Hydroponic System Setup Service

Save time, money, and stress by having an AmHydro System Expert visit your greenhouse to help you set up and install your new hydroponics system.

Custom Nutrient Formulations

Invite an AmHydro System Expert to your greenhouse, or talk with them over the phone to optimize your nutrient and additive solutions and schedules.

Subscription Services

Pro Grower Supplies Subscription

Remove the hassle of reordering seeds, growing media, and nutrients when you call us to order the Pro Grower Supplies Subscription. We’ll set up automatic deliveries based on your crop cycles that sends everything you need directly to your greenhouse.

Packaging Subscription

Set up a Packaging & Labeling Subscription to receive bags, clamshells, boxes, or custom water-resistant labels at your greenhouse so you can package as you harvest.

Plant Tissue Analysis

Send a plant tissue sample to our lab regularly or as needed to understand how your plants are doing on a molecular level.

Plant tissue analysis can help diagnose disease, nutrient deficiency, and environmental issues within your system.

Water Analysis

The nutrient and additive concentrations in your reservoirs are dependant on the contents within your water supply. That’s why we suggest commercial operations test their water source every month.

Once you send in a water sample, our System Experts will provide you with result details and their advice on necessary adjustments.


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