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American Hydroponics (AmHydro to our friends) is a small, U.S. operation that has made a huge and growing global impact.  We are located in a coastal college town in northern California, but our hydroponic systems are currently saving over 250,000 gallons of water a day worldwide.

AmHydro has been designing and building innovative, hydroponic systems for over 30 years.  We manufacture and help to install food-grade growing systems for small and large operations.  Our systems are operating in over 60 countries and in many of the States.  They range in size from 5-plus feet (for hobbyists and educators) to 5-plus acres for commercial suppliers of Whole Foods and Costco.

AmHydro also develops its own additive and nutrient formulations, and works with customers to create custom formulations for their needs.  Our experts have developed solutions for a range of growing pains based on over 30 years of experience.

We are driven by the dream of seeing fresh, clean, local food grown and consumed in communities everywhere.  That dream is becoming more and more possible with the efficient and productive technologies we have developed, and with inspired growers like you.

Our staff and network of growers work as a team to support each other.  When we aren’t developing efficiency improvements to our systems, we love to “talk hydro” with the goal of improving yours.  Give us a call and join our team.  We’d love to hear from you!


See what the industry has to say about AmHydro.


See what the industry has to say about AmHydro.


We have been perfecting
pesticide – free growing
since 1984.


Our hydroponic systems
are growing in communities
all over the world.


Need help? Call us.
We love to talk hydro
and solve problems.


OK, so we’re not as young and hip as many of the other management teams that are flooding this rapidly growing movement.  But, we have been growing since before many of them were born!

Jenny Harris

Jenny Harris, CEO

When Jenny isn’t in our greenhouse, she can be found talking to customers or immersed in a spreadsheet.  Jenny loves seeing ‘fields of green’ in our growers’ greenhouses (and bank accounts), and brainstorming hydroponic system designs with entrepreneurs and large tech companies.

Joe Swartz

Joe Swartz

Joe is a master hydroponic farmer with over 30 years of experience tending his soil-less crops through cold winters and sweltering summers.  Joe has consulted to growers and investors across the globe for many years before officially joining the AmHydro management team in 2015.

Michael Christian

Michael Christian

Michael is a pioneer in the U.S. hydroponic industry and a co-founder of AmHydro.  Michael is passionate about sharing his knowledge and promoting hydroponic solutions worldwide.  In 2004, Michael was awarded the Green Entrepreneur of the year award by the governor of California.

Eric Christian

Eric Christian

Eric grew up with hydroponics.  In 1996, Eric constructed and then managed the first NFT hydroponic lettuce farm of its kind in the U.S.  Eric is a master designer of hydroponic systems.  He enjoys designing custom systems for operations of all sizes.

Rudy Clark-Luera

Rudy Clark-Luera

Rudy has roots in dirt farming.  He has grown flowers and vegetables in the soil of his farm for many years.  Fortunately, Rudy cleaned-up and joined AmHydro.  He now uses our NFT and vine crop systems for the benefit of our local community and shares his growing knowledge with our customers.

Paul Harris

Paul Harris

While Paul is new to hydroponics he brings strong organizational skills and managerial expertise to our team. He developed those skills as a US Army officer and in the non-profit world.


Some supporting text about awards that they have received.

2012 Environmental Excellence Award

AmHydro is committed to creating systems that are good for people and take care of the environment.

Certificate of Appreciation

AmHydro participates in Industry publications.