With Hydroponics The Possibilities Are Endless

A variety of products for a variety of grow operations.

Complete Systems

Replace your system’s components, or buy a complete system bundle.

To help new growers start from scratch, we designed complete bundles of systems and supplies. For those already growing in a greenhouse, our system components can help optimize space and increase efficiency.

best for leafy greens & herbs

NFT Systems

We manufacture Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Systems designed for space optimization, cleanliness, and uniform crop production. NFTs utilize closed-loop irrigation that allows growers to minimize water consumption.

best for tomatoes & zucchini

Vine Crop Systems

AmHydro designs and manufactures two types of vine crop systems. We offer Bato Bucket (left) and gutter systems that recirculate nutrient solution for maximum efficiency. Talk to one of our System Experts to choose the system that best fits your crop and climate.

sowing seeds

Propagation Systems

Starting seeds – or propagation – is an integral stage in every growing cycle. Our experts created complete systems with all plumbing, hardware, and growing supplies you’ll need to start healthy seedlings for any growing operation. Use them as a component of a larger operation, or independently to grow microgreens or fodder!

custom-designed for canna growers

Medical Crop Systems

AmHydro has been optimizing canna growing operations for years. We prefer recirculating systems that nurture a sustainable and efficient business model. Medical crops require solutions tailored to strains and grower climates, so we show less info online and invite growers to contact us so we can discuss your specific growing needs.

Growing Supplies

When starting from scratch, we suggest buying a bundle or complete system. Already growing? Use our online store as your one-stop hydro shop! We carry a variety of products because we know that every variable of a growing operation affects the quality of crops.

environmental controls

Electronics & Lighting

We know that hydroponic crops grow best within a controlled environment with lighting, heaters, automated dosers and pumps. That’s why we supply all kinds of electronics and lighting equipment. Need to set up or integrate the electronics in your greenhouse? Our System Experts can help!

custom formulations

Nutrients & Additives

At AmHydro, we test and mix several nutrients and additive formulations for all varieties of crops. All of our nutrients are sold in powder form, saving our growers lots of money and space. Not sure which nutrients or additives are right for your system? Let’s chat!

Consulting & Subscriptions

We take pride in having the best grower support in the global hydroponic industry. We visit greenhouses to help growers optimize their crop production. We can test your water and plant tissue components to identify deficiency and disease. Let us send you all the packaging, seeds, and growing media you'll need each quarter with our Pro Grower Subscription service.

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