New Rooftop Farms Sprout up in Singapore!

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American Hydroponics (AmHydro) of Arcata, CA and ComCrop of Singapore are proud to announce the development of an 8-greenhouse rooftop farm to provide pesticide-free, sustainable food to this Island Nation.

ComCrop, Singapore’s premier rooftop farming company, will be utilizing specialized rooftop greenhouse technology and state of the art AmHydro hydroponic growing systems to address skyrocketing demand for locally grown, sustainable produce.

Converting previously neglected rooftop spaces into urban farms, ComCrop is the 1st and only AVA certified rooftop farm in all of Singapore. Their goal is to increase the volume of domestically produced food, as over 90% is currently imported. ComCrop sells fresh herbs and leafy greens online, to supermarket customers, as well as to restaurants. “This new farm will be producing new crops for these customers by July 2018”. – ComCrop CEO, Peter Barber

AmHydro, worldwide leader in hydroponic rooftop farming technology has previously designed and built rooftop hydroponic systems for successful industry leading growers, such as Lufa Farms in Montreal, Gotham Greens, and Sky Vegetables, both in NYC. This new rooftop farming project now puts AmHydro in 66 countries across the globe.

To design and build their new rooftop growing systems, ComCrop CEO Peter Barber explains that ComCrop chose AmHydro over competing systems because they are best suited for our rooftop environment and will deliver the best yields in Singapore’s unique climate.”

He also adds that the new greenhouses combined with AmHydro growing systems will significantly increase our yield and allow us to sell higher volumes and larger varieties of leafy green vegetables to local customers.”

AmHydro High Performance Growing System

AmHydro Vice President Joe Swartz says, “We are very pleased and look forward to extending our close working relationship with ComCrop as they expand to more sites across Singapore and beyond.”

He adds, “Rooftop farming is just one of the many tools that we will use to feed our urban populations in the future, and working with great companies such as ComCrop will help us to achieve that goal.”

Worker tending current ComCrop rooftop farm

This rooftop farming complex will consist of 8 rooftop greenhouses. The first farm (phase 1) will be 6,930 square feet, capable of producing over 332,000 plants (approx. 90,000 pounds of fresh food) per year. The entire project, when complete, will total over 35,000 square feet.

For more information, please contact Joe Swartz, Vice President of AmHydro at:

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That STEEP learning curve in Controlled Environment Ag (and how to avoid it!)

During the past several years, interest in Controlled Environment Ag (CEA) has virtually exploded. Current growers are expanding at a rapid pace and new entrants to the field abound. From greenhouse production to indoor vertical farming (IVF), we hear an unending list of stories of “new and innovative growing systems and techniques,” all promising a countless array of benefits. Unfortunately, this isn’t new.

Or maybe better yet, fortunately, this isn’t new.

As we delve deeper into the industry, we see certain patterns emerge: Many growing operations – particularly newer ones – struggle. The failure rate can be high. Even when these businesses survive, many of them do not thrive. The all too common seduction by technological advancements tend to blind one to the realities of a CEA business. This is farming. Period. On a daily basis, we can observe throughout social media the claims of how technologies make farming easier – more productive – or more “hands off.” While this might sound appealing, it takes one farther and farther away from a simple absolute in this business: Your goal is to produce a specific quantity of crop – abiding by specific quality standards – at a price point that provides a positive economic returnThat’s it – and the foundation to achieve this is rooted in sound horticultural practices.

Please pay attention to these words: QUANTITY, QUALITY, AND POSITIVE ECONOMIC RETURNS. That is all a properly run, successful CEA business is supposed to provide. When you can achieve these three goals, anything else you want your business to produce: “green jobs,” local food to the community, lower carbon footprint, less “food miles,” etc, can be achieved. (But not without reaching the “big 3” first!) Whether you can adjust your temperature from your iPhone, stack multiple growing systems on top of one another, or watch your plants grow on your “lettuce-cam” while sipping a latte at Starbucks is completely irrelevant. Horticultural production techniques can be exacting and complex…..and the failure to adhere to those can be devastating. This is all too common, especially as we become more reliant on certain technologies. All too often, we see systems and technologies that are touted as “solutions” to certain problems (real or otherwise), yet violate the very basics of proper growing parameters.

That said, there ARE tremendous tools that technology has provided to the grower. These tools come in the form of better growing systems, nutritional and environmental controls, and data collection. These hardware and software tools have given the grower unprecedented levels of control over the growing process, as well as understanding and management of countless points of information. This can help the grower produce better crops, lower costs, streamline their business practices, and manage regulatory issues such as labor management and food safety.

But, a tool is a tool. A skilled farmer can take a tractor and use it properly it to produce better crops with less inputs, while an inexperienced operator might crash through the barn, killing the livestock. Which grower do you want to be? (hopefully you don’t want to be the farmer who eventually gains knowledge and experience by repeatedly killing the cows, running over the landscaping plantings and crashing through the fence!)

The successful management of the complex biological systems we see in CEA requires a significant level of experience. The acquisition of such experience can be very time consuming and mistakes can be very costly. So how does one leapfrog this steep CEA learning curve? (and it IS steep!) Failure can be a tremendous teacher……..but a painful one as well. Do you have the time, money, and energy to go through this process alone? You don’t have to! AmHydro has been directly involved in commercial hydroponic production for over 33 years.

The AmHydro Advantage program is a consulting program open to anyone, and is supported by a full staff of commercial growers. We offer a full line of consulting services from:

  • Custom growing system design and manufacture
  • Biological-pest control programs
  • Crop production guidance – including best practices, varietal selection, and crop scheduling.
  • Professional grower training-we train and source growers for leading hydroponic farms and offer custom training programs for managers/general workforce. We also host quarterly 2-day training seminars at various locations.
  • Full scale project management and implementation. From start to finish, AmHydro can manage the design, construction, build-out, and operation of your project.
  • Consulting for any type of growing system: NFT, raft, aeroponic, slab, gutter, container, etc from any manufacturer.

AmHydro is one of the few companies in the industry who are actual commercial growers themselves. We have seen nearly every growing issues that any grower will ever face. This experience has helped us to develop successful growing operations in 65 countries around the world. Over 200 commercial farms in the US alone utilize AmHydro systems and expertise. This experience is what has paved the way to over 2 million square feet of production space, producing between 16 million and 20 million pounds of fresh, sustainable food each and every year. We also proudly partner with the most experienced and successful companies in the industry, bringing you the best greenhouse, lighting, environmental control, and construction options available. We have all your bases covered.

Let’s face it, experience matters, and you don’t have to wait to acquire it yourself. You don’t even need to use an AmHydro growing system (although it certainly helps!) All you need is a desire to improve your production and build your company to it’s fullest potential. The AmHydro Advantage program is a step in the right direction. Based on your needs, we can work with you to develop a custom plan to improve your crops, fix production problems, train your workforce, build, or expand your business. Site visits, online, phone, or Skype consulting is available. Give us a call or send us an email. You’ll be glad that you did. Please visit our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages to see photos of our countless successful growers across the globe. We hope that YOU will be next!


5 weeks to FOOD – What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to “Get Growing!”

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ABOVE: AmHydro “10K Get Growing! Bundle” BELOW: The same farm, just 5 weeks later!

With the new year fast approaching, many people are looking to venture into the field of hydroponics. Quite possibly, it’s you. Is this your year? So…what’s stopping you? If you’re like most people, there are definitely a few things standing in your way. Have you done any internet research on the subject lately? Likely so, and by now, your head is surely spinning. The mind-numbing amount of information (and MIS-information) is staggering! Various companies and diverse technologies are all screaming for your attention, making their pitch as to why “their” approach is best. As a professional grower for the past 32 years, I have definitely seen my share of what many of these companies have to offer. Unfortunately, much of this has not been good.

While we have been inundated with the newest “cool,” “innovative,” or “sexy” technology, it is easy to look past exactly what we need these systems to do for us. (or possibly, “not” do for us!) Is is really our goal to have the most futuristic growing system crammed into a shipping container? How about a vertical stack of systems sandwiched between growing lights inside a warehouse? Maybe a hanging or stacked system because it creates the illusion of more plants in a given space? If that’s your goal, there a few options to choose from. Unfortunately, the results they provide have been less than stellar to say the least.

However, as I travel the World, speaking to growers (and potential growers) from diverse backgrounds and situations, I’ve seen some very basic common needs throughout.

What everyone, regardless of race, age, gender, economic status, and geographic location wants, is a farming business that:

  1. MAKES MONEY! (we can discuss all other attributes forever, but at the end of the day, if the system doesn’t satisfy need #1, all other qualities GO AWAY. Please, remember this.)
  2. Provides steady, consistent cash flow (see #1) This is also one of the biggest challenges of traditional seasonal farming. As 4th generation farmer, I can attest to this one!
  3. Utilizes rock-solid production technology. Growers don’t want promises of what a system CAN produce…they want to see a long running track record of RESULTS. They don’t want to reinvent the wheel with something that looks “awesome.” They want something that WORKS.
  4. Enables them to meet the needs of their local markets. You have to be able to grow what they want and when they want it. When market conditions change (and they will!) you need the flexibility to grow a variety of crops within the same system or you’ll have to change your crop offering entirely.
  5. Is environmentally friendly. Does it use less water? Less nutrients? Can you grow without using pesticides?
  6. Benefits their communities. Does it provide fresh, sustainable food? Provide real “green jobs?” Educate consumers about healthy food and inspire our young people to consider an agricultural profession?
  7. Is highly productive. Both in terms of high yields and premium food quality.
  8. Adheres to the highest level of food safety.
  9. MAKES MONEY! (Am I getting redundant here?)

So, how do you get there in the quickest amount of time, receiving the best possible value for your hard earned money? AmHydro, after 30+ years in the trenches, has put that together for you, rolling out it’s successful “Get Growing!” Bundle offer. With the “Get Growing!” bundle, you get a commercial greenhouse (we work with all of North America’s leaders in the greenhouse industry), the highest producing hydroponic growing system on the market today (chosen by all of the leading commercial hydroponic vegetable growers in the US), growing supplies, and expert experienced growing advice from people who actually grow for a living. If the above 9 attributes are what you are looking for, then come to the company that has done that consistently for over 30 years.

Please visit us at for more information. Browse our new website and take a look at the many growers showcased. Every single photo is one of our systems in actual operation. We have successful growers in 65 countries. We have built over 200 commercial hydroponic farms in the US since 2012 alone.

Click to learn more about the “Get Growing!” Bundles and see if they are right for you. 

AmHydro Logo

AmHydro Hydroponic Growing Systems and Crop Solutions……for Cannabis?

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About AmHydro

Founded in the heart of Humboldt County, AmHydro has pioneered successful controlled-environment crop production for over 30 years. AmHydro has the unique combination of experience; having roots in the one of the most well-known cannabis producing areas in the world, yet also innovating high-level commercial hydroponic growing systems for food production. The focus of controlled-environment vegetable/herb production is to produce the highest quality and best-yielding crops, all while contending with low margins, aggressive competition, and strict food safety standards.

This duality has enabled AmHydro to create systems, growing supplies, and practices that provide the cannabis grower with the highest yield, best crop quality, and fastest return on investment (ROI) in the industry, all while adhering to the strictest standards of purity and food safety. As the legal cannabis market grows and matures, these core principles will become more and more important. AmHydro is a company comprised of actual commercial growers.

 We understand what it takes to produce high quality, consistent crops while maintaining higher margins and receiving the best possible return on your investment.

High quality and maximum production: an AmHydro specialty

Why AmHydro?

  • AmHydro has optimized the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) “Sea of Green” systems for higher quality, faster turnaround, larger cumulative yields, and better environmental control.
  • AmHydro’s multi-zone NFT systems allows the grower a dramatically higher level of nutritional control during each specific growth stage of a crop (including final flush).
  • AmHydro offers complete closed loop growing systems: custom-sized growing channels, variable spacing, benching, plumbing, collection, computerized nutrient and pH control. Systems can be turn-key or completely customizable.
  • Bucket, gutter and slab systems are also available for large framed, long duration crops.
  • AmHydro’s modular system allows multiple zones, varying spacing between cultivars, separate nutrient management systems and different crop support options to allow quick, inexpensive and efficient switches from one crop variety or strain to another or to manage multiple crops within the same grow space.
  • AmHydro has pioneered a 5-stage cannabis nutritional program that is backed by 30 years of commercial success with high-level Humboldt County growers.

AmHydro EPIC Nutrient Line

  • AmHydro provides grower support and consultation indefinitely. Numerous high-level production operations routinely engage AmHydro for grower support services. AmHydro can provide professional grower training, ongoing support, crop management assistance, biological pest control programs, and more. Based on the needs of the individual operation, AmHydro can prepare a specific Proposal for Services.
  • AmHydro currently has successful growers in 65 countries worldwide, has developed over 200 farms since 2012 and has commercial growing operations within the metro area of 35 major US cities.
  • AmHydro NFT systems are the ONLY FDA-approved food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) systems on the market. Food safety standards are becoming increasingly important in medicinal grade cannabis production.
  • AmHydro has been a leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) for over 30 years –specializing in systems that produce very high quality crops, consistently, with a minimum ROI and maximum lifespan.

AmHydro Projects:

Note the similarities!

Highest yields, exceptional quality, rock-solid consistency, and fantastic ROI!

High-level commercial systems. Productivity, quality, low cost, fast ROI

Superb quality – amazing yields!

What would your bottom line look like if you could produce quality like THIS?

Different strains……same results……..supreme quality and maximum returns!

The crops may be different, but the need is the same: High level growing systems, appropriate technologies, correct horticultural practices and EXPERIENCED growing consultants.




Intro to Hydroponic Crop Production Seminar

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