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Commercial Hydroponic Consulting

With AmHydro's Hydroponic Commercial Hydroponic Consulting services, a hydroponics expert will design lighting, electronic, refrigeration, and business solutions for your unique situation.

Commercial Hydroponic Systems

AmHydro's Commercial Hydroponic System Bundles come with a standard-size greenhouse and everything you need to start growing leafy greens on a large scale. We will even help you optimize your harvests to make a quick return on investment.

The AmHydro Solution

Over 100 years of hydroponic growing experience.

System Bundles

We offer complete packages of systems and nutrients so you’ll get exactly what you need.


Custom Designs

AmHydro System Experts design custom systems, solutions, and business plans.


Growing Supplies

Get everything from microtubes and pumps to growing media and seeds.


Grower Support

Do you have a challenge? Email or call us with ANY hydroponic questions.


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