Hydroponic Systems


We specialize in recirculating, sustainable, hydroponic system designs.

Hydroponics is an agricultural solution that is being embraced across the U.S. and around the world.
These efficient systems grow plants in water-based, nutrient-rich solutions without the use of soil.
AmHydro specializes in recirculating systems that are robust, efficient, and sustainable.

NFT Systems

Nutrient Film Technique systems are designed with long, narrow channels in which plants (like lettuce) are placed at regular intervals.  This is our primary system.  It will be your work horse.

Nutrient-rich water continuously flows down the channels, past exposed plant roots.  Any unused solution is captured at the end of each channel, funneled back to a reservoir, automatically remixed for nutrient balance and recirculated with the help of a pump.

NFT Systems

Bato Bucket Systems

For vine and medical (cannabis) crops, we have designed ‘bato bucket’ systems that are drip-fed AND recirculating in which individual buckets, placed in a line, take the place of NFT channels.

Our bato bucket systems (aka ‘Dutch buckets’ because the concept was invented in the Netherlands, a leader in hydroponics) are typically used for growing vine crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.  We can offer you these hydroponic systems for your vine or medical crops, but we suggest that first-time growers start with, and master, an NFT system before adding bato buckets to a growing operation.

vine crop systems

Propagation (Seed-to-Seedling) Tray Systems

AmHydro also incorporates proprietary technology into its propagation (seed to seedling) tray systems.  This is a recirculating system where seeds and/or plants (with exposed roots) are placed in growing media (like Oasis or Rockwool) which is then set in trays.  The trays are periodically filled with nutrient-rich solution, and then slowly drained (a nick name for this technology is “ebb and flow” for obvious reasons).  Our hydroponic systems (including our Get Growing! bundles) include this style of propagation system.

propagation systems


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Large operations with custom growing needs. We can design a system for you.

Small Business


Full-time and part-time entrepreneurs. We have a turnkey business for you.

Farmers Market


Weekend growers selling to communities. Add some income with a simple system.

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New to hydroponics and eager to learn. We have home and classroom models.

Medical Crops


Specialty systems and nutrients for cannabis. We have helped growers for decades.