Why Hydroponics?


Hydroponics systems provide clean, safe, sustainable food production.

There is almost $20B worth of crops grown hydroponically worldwide each year.  U.S. hydroponic production is projected to grow at twice the rate of the rest of the world.  Why?  With 70% of the world’s freshwater and 40% of its ice-free land already used for agriculture, our growing population and changes in climate require more efficient farming methods.

Hydroponic systems are a perfect solution.  When compared with soil-based farming, they are:

  • More Sustainable… Consuming 1/10th the water and 1/6th the fertilizer of soil-based farms
  • More Consistent…Producing predictable quantities and quality for better crop yields
  • More Efficient…Producing 10x the amount of crops per area of soil-based farms
  • More Clean… Growing crops without pesticides or manure (reducing pathogen risks)
  • More Local…Growing closer to markets – on small foot prints near, or in urban centers

Why aren’t more hydroponic systems in use?

The two primary barriers to the acceptance and use of hydroponic systems are quickly eroding:

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    Lack of knowledge. Farmers and entrepreneurs (especially in the U.S.) didn’t know about hydroponics or understand it. This is rapidly changing as AmHydro sets up more growers worldwide.
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    Outdated economics. Historically, when water and land were abundant (i.e. cheap) and when no one was concerned about their food being produced thousands of miles away, the economics of traditional, soil-based farming were more favorable.  But today, with our Get Growing!TM bundles and the ability to grow hydroponically near, or in urban centers, the economics have shifted in favor of hydroponics, and AmHydro.


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