Get Growing!™ Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse Packages

AmHydro offers one commercial hydroponic greenhouse package for commercial hydroponic business owners. It comes with a standard-size greenhouse and everything you need to start growing leafy greens on a large scale. We will even help you optimize your harvests to make a quick return on investment!

Want to grow medical or vine crops?

Does the NFT 15K fit your commercial hydroponic needs? (example includes the “Super Arch” greenhouse)

NFT 15K Bundle

$ 168,000

Business opportunity for serious growers

15,354 plant growing sites
3,825 plant harvest/week
30′ X 144′ Greenhouse

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Grow clean. Grow local.

Grow your income!

Turn Key

We’ll ship you everything you will need to get up and running quickly. This includes everything from the greenhouse to the nutrients and spare parts!

Healthy Income

When operating at capacity, this bundle should produce enough revenue to cover all expenses and produce a healthy income and operating profit.

Grow More

House 15,000 plants (15K bundle) and grow more in your space than any other system can. Harvest every two weeks from your NFT channels.

Local & Clean

Grow any popular, high-ticket crop within close proximity of your consumers’ tables. Save gas money, and water usage. Forget washing – there’s no chemicals or dirt!

Complete Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse Bundles

Our commercial bundle comes equipped to produce thousands of plants per week.
It is comprised of all the components listed below.

Hydroponics Kit

Propagation System Kit

  • Propagation Trays (Where seeds grow into seedlings for the first two weeks of their growing cycle.)
  • Heating Pads
  • Vacuum Seeder

NFT Channel Kit

  • GroClean NFT Nursery Channels (Where seedlings mature into small plants for two weeks.)
  • GroClean NFT Finishing Channels (Where small plants mature to harvest for approx. two weeks.)
  • Nutrient Collectors

Plumbing Kit

  • 1200-gallon reservoir
  • Water-Proof Pumps
  • 30-gallon Nutrient Stock Tank
  • 5-gallon Acid Tank
  • PVC Package to plumb system to reservoir
  • All the microtubes you will need, plus plenty of extras

Electronic Control Kit

  • Dosing System
  • Control Panel
  • IntelliDose Complete System
  • Triple Peristaltic Pump
  • pH probe
  • Hanna GroLine meter


  • Galvanized Steel Tables
  • Channel Scrub Brushes
  • NFT Toolkit
  • Custom Shipping Pallets


Solid structure

  • Commercial greenhouse with galvanize framing
  • Greenhouse side and end walls made of twin walled polycarbonate
  • Doors, vents, insect screen, shade screen.

Heating & Ventilation

  • EnviroStep Environmental Controller
  • Heater
  • Vent Motors
  • CO2 Burner & Controller
  • Ground Cover
  • Fans

Three-Month Pro Grower Subscription

 For the first three months of having a bundle, all of your planting and nutrient needs will be taken care of.

Planting Needs

  • Pelleted Lettuce Seeds
  • Oasis Growing Media
  • Plastic Stakes for Labeling

Nutrient Needs

  • Lettuce Custom Nutrient
  • Super Nova Additive
  • pH Buffer Solution
  • Calibration Solution
  • pH Down Solution
  • Water Testing Service

Growing a different leafy green? No problem. Just let us know!

System Expert Consultation

Design Plans

  • Plumbing System
  • NFT System
  • Nutrient Doser

System Setup Assistance

  • 2 days with an AmHydro Certified Installer at your greenhouse
  • System Setup
  • Integration of Growing System and Electrical Panel

Continued Consulting

  • Year-round Grower Support
  • Plant Variety and Nutrient Consulting

Not Included

It’s not our style to oversell, so to save you money, you will need to provide:

1) The cash and land to purchase and set up your operation.

2) The labor and equipment to prep your site and set up the greenhouse.

3) Freight for the greenhouse, system, and supplies, as well as travel and lodging for consultants.


These Get Growing!™ bundles are only offered in the 48 contiguous U.S. States. We’re happy to build a free custom quote for systems outside the contiguous U.S.

Vine Crop Bundles

Call for price

If you are new to hydroponics, you may want to start with a small NFT system to learn the basic techniques, before investing in a Vine Crop system. Already a grower? Want a new greenhouse with vine crops? See our vine crop bundles here.

Medical Crop Bundles

Call for price

We can bundle a medical growing solution for you. Our system experts will work with you to design the optimal system for your growing needs. We offer three different recirculating technologies that can be tailored to your strains and climate. Talk to an AmHydro System Expert to get your free custom quote.

AmHydro Reviews

Reviews from our growing friends! We didn't say it, they did.

“When we first started looking into starting a hydroponic farm, we were overwhelmed by the amount of things we needed to know and do to build our farm from the ground up. While searching the internet for info on hydroponics, I came across American Hydroponics. I called them up and instantly felt at ease. AmHydro as been the absolute key to our success and I know they are there for us no matter what!”

Page WGrower

“10 years ago our research led us to AmHydro and we haven’t been sorry. AmHydro is one of the best decisions we have made.”

Lorraine G.Grower

“Farming is in my blood and we have farmed the family land for generations but I am the first hydroponic farmer in the family. AmHydro gave me everything I needed to make the switch and set me up with the right partners and products to be a success. Thanks AmHydro!”

John M.Grower

“AmHydro has been with us from the beginning many years ago and continues to move forward with us through our expansion and growth. We’ve worked closely together to build our business and in the midst of our rapid expansion, they’re always available to us.”

Paul M.Grower

How do I get started with a hydroponic system?

We are no longer limited by climate or season in the pursuit of clean, fresh food. We can now grow virtually any plant, anywhere at any time of year. With our simple, effective hydroponic systems, coupled with modern environmental controls, anyone can save precious resources like water, reduce their carbon footprint, and feed their community. Join us with three essential steps:

01. Research

Your Market

Market research is not rocket science, but it is important to determine the viability of your operation or business. We want you to be successful, so please take this first step seriously. You will need to find answers to the following questions:

  • What crops are selling well in your area?
  • Who is buying these crops?
  • How much are they buying? How frequently are they buying?
  • How much are they paying for the crops they buy?
  • What crops are rare/hard to find in your area?
  • What are the high-ticket crops in your area?
  • What packaging is being used? Is it preferred by the buyers?

Collect contact information from produce buyers working for your local supermarkets, schools, medical facilities, and restaurants. Interview them. Don’t worry, they won’t bite! Find out the prices they pay and their willingness and ability to purchase their food locally. If you need help getting started, just give us a call.

Your Growing Facility

Some of you may need to construct a greenhouse. If so, you may have to determine what is needed to prepare and permit your greenhouse site. Many of you will not need a building permit, but if you do, call us for plans. You will also want to consider hook-ups for utilities.

You should also arrange for help to construct your greenhouse. If you have purchased one of our Get Growing! bundles with a greenhouse, you will need a construction team and equipment.  Call us. We can help you determine what you will need.  Remember we have gone through this hundreds of times, so it’s way easier for us. Lean on our expertise.

02. Prepare

After completing your research, you know that your operation or business is viable. Now it’s time to prepare its foundation:


Submit the paperwork for your greenhouse building permit and your business incorporation.


Prepare your greenhouse. From the floors to the doors, everything should be designed with intention. Consider how your crops will be transported to their buyers. Be sure you are equipped with storage space the withstands your climate. Ask your AmHydro system expert for advice.


Work with your bank, venture capitalists, family or friends to raise the necessary funds to begin your operation. Consider setting up a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Tell your friends and ask them to spread the word. You could even pre-sell shares as a way to raise some initial cash! Get insurance on your greenhouse and supplies in case of a natural disaster. Not sure how to start? Give us a call!


Be sure that your produce buyers have an easy way to place and edit orders with you. You will need a unique farm name and logo so your market can easily find, identify, and connect with you. Some farms build their own websites, while others use Facebook and other social media to connect with their markets.


Starting a growing operation will change your life. Your weekly routines will be determined by your crop cycles. Your relationships with your community will change. Your financial situation will change. Be sure you have considered how you will handle these changes. Remember, AmHydro has been helping new and experienced growers get returns on their hydroponic investments for decades. If you have worries, let us know.

03. Get Growing!

With your foundation prepared, it is time to set up your operation or business.

Greenhouse Setup

If you are setting up a new greenhouse, take delivery of your greenhouse and build it. Setting up your greenhouse will take time, but the process is simple. Depending on size and type, you may want to give your team two to five weeks to construct your greenhouse.

System Setup

Now comes the fun part! Unpack your AmHydro Hydroponics Kit and set it up. In our Get Growing! Bundles, we include all of the parts you will need, even some spares! Utilize our consulting services to get the help of our system experts. We will be there to help you dial in the system and plant your first batch of seeds.

Utilize our consulting services to get the help of our system experts. We will be there to help you dial in the system and plant your first batch of seeds.

Sales Setup

Once you have planted seeds, you will have approximately 6 weeks to secure orders for the first of many harvests. Return to your list of buyers from the research phase, and let them know when your crops will be ready. As you build out your customer list, you will want to understand details regarding delivery times and locations, packaging requirements, and quality standards. Utilize our subscription services for all your hassle-free packaging needs like labels, bags, clamshells, and boxes.

Need a hydroponic system customized to your needs?

We specialize in recirculating, sustainable, hydroponic system designs.

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