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Since we started growing with AmHydro, our results speak for themselves – fantastic!

Neil F.Grower

“When we first started looking into starting a hydroponic farm, we were overwhelmed by the amount of things we needed to know and do to build our farm from the ground up. While searching the internet for info on hydroponics, I came across American Hydroponics. I called them up and instantly felt at ease. AmHydro as been the absolute key to our success and I know they are there for us no matter what!”

Page WHappy Growing Customer

“10 years ago our research led us to AmHydro and we haven’t been sorry. AmHydro is one of the best decisions we have made.”

Lorraine G.Happy Growing Customer

“Farming is in my blood and we have farmed the family land for generations but I am the first hydroponic farmer in the family. AmHydro gave me everything I needed to make the switch and set me up with the right partners and products to be a success. Thanks AmHydro!”

John MHappy Growing Customer

“AmHydro has been with us from the beginning many years ago and continues to move forward with us through our expansion and growth. We’ve worked closely together to build our business and in the midst of our rapid expansion, they’re always available to us.”

Paul M.Happy Growing Customer

“AmHydro was our first choice as we started our farm 12 years ago, our first choice and our best choice.”

Paula D.Happy Growing Customer

“When AmHydro began consulting with us they gave good solid advice, but more than that they knew that we could make it! AmHydro believed in our farm and they helped us see the way forward.”

Franklin P.Happy Growing Customer

“When we began to research hydroponic farming everybody told us to check out American Hydroponics; we did and we haven’t been sorry. American Hydroponics answered all of our questions, they were the natural choice for us as we began our produce business.”

Sarah G.Happy Growing Customer

“The quality of AmHydro products is superb! We count on AmHydro to keep our farm up and running day in and day out.”

Jack L.Happy Growing Customer

“When we started using AmHydro nutrients at Corner Acres Farms, we immediately saw an increase in our production. Both the size of our heads of lettuce and the quality of the produce has been outstanding!”

Ruth K.Happy Growing Customer

“Everybody told us that the AmHydro guys knew what they were talking about, and boy were they right. Joe Swartz at AmHydro helped us get our operation up and running efficiently and now we are producing more than ever.”

Katherine D.Happy Growing Customer

“AmHydro came through for us. We had a particularly bad pest problem and the American Hydroponic experts helped us control and finally eradicate the problem.”

Tyler F.Happy Growing Customer

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