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The end of another calendar year is fast approaching. As we are manufacturing and preparing to ship out the final orders in the coming weeks, I have to take a moment and pause and reflect back on everything that was accomplished this year. As I stop to think about these things, I’m amazed and impressed with our team for everything that had been accomplished.

We’ve shipped to 5 new countries or territories including Nigeria, Dubai, Barbados, Newfoundland, and Aruba. That’s pretty impressive considering we had already shipped to over 60 countries since 2012!

We’ve held Intro to Growing Hydroponics seminars on both coasts of the US with more than 30 participants from 7 countries. And we have 3 more scheduled for next year.

We have launched our new website with new products, customer references, all our own photography of our customers and systems, and an online store that makes ordering and shipping easier.

If you don’t currently follow us on FaceBook or Instagram, follow us and see some of the great projects and businesses our customers are working on.

We have built a beautiful new 4300 sq ft greenhouse in partnership with our Office of Education. This state of the art hydroponic greenhouse facility holds daily classes for high school students while growing fresh produce for the community.

The new Get Growing product is a turn-key hydroponic business that includes everything a grower could need to get started growing in their own hydroponic business. They come in several different sizes to fit all different needs.

As cannabis is becoming legal in so many states, we have designed a growing system especially for this type of growing. It can produce more and higher quality product than traditional methods of growing.

We added 3 new people to our team here at AmHydro.

As you see, we’ve been very busy this year! We are all looking forward to next year expanding, growing and getting even more getting systems into the hands of Growers to be able to feed their local communities.

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