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Hydroponic Microgreens

Microgreens are a low maintenance crop and can be ready to harvest just ten days after they’ve been seeded!

Here’s What you Need
to Start Growing Microgreens

1. High Quality Seeds

We like Johnny’s Seeds or Paramount Seeds

2. A Growing Tray

3. A Growing Media

There are lots of options, but we like BioStrate.

4. Nutrient Solution & Spray Bottle

5. Good Lighting

Once you have the proper equipment, you are ready to seed! Pretty simple, right?

We seed our microgreens in our propagation system, the same set up used for the germination stage of leafy greens and herbs.

1. Cut to Size

Start by cutting a piece of microgreen media to the length of a prop tray and then submerge it into the nutrient solution reservoir.

02. Sprinkle Seeds

Once the media is thoroughly soaked through, place it in the tray, sprinkle about 3/4 of an ounce, to one ounce of microgreen seeds in an even layer. Spray the seeds with a spray bottle or mister to soften the seed hull. Just 3/4 ounce of seeds yields about a pound of microgreens!

03. Germinate

Next, we like to cover the seeds for the first few days during the germination process so that the seeds stay moist. Since the seeds are not rooted in the media yet, we can’t hook it up to the system because the water would wash the seeds away.

04. Transfer to Your System

Once the seeds have started to sprout and have rooted into the media, you can uncover the tray and hook it into your system. In about 10-14 days the microgreens should be around 3-4 inches tall and are ready to harvest! You can also let them keep growing and they make a delicious baby lettuce mix.

To harvest simply cut the greens with sharp scissors right above the roots and your microgreens are ready to be delivered!

Are you ready to begin growing microgreens?
Check out our Propagation Systems, Order BioStrate, or Contact Us to learn more!

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