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Hydroponics Business – The AmHydro Solution

We all know the world is changing. Population, urbanization and climate challenges are straining the world’s resources. Traditional agriculture, plus the global distribution model, equals broken. Communities are seeking better ways to source healthy, local, and sustainable food. Hydroponics will play a key role in this. American Hydroponics will lead the way and you can be part of the solution.

Growing with AmHydro means that you are ten times more productive and use 90% less water than traditional soil base growing. At AmHydro we are constantly researching, designing, and growing to ensure that we deliver the highest quality and most productive systems on the market; something we’ve been doing for over 30 years. Our NFT channels are a grower’s best choice for creating a consistent hydroponic growing system. They are the most durable and indestructible channels that are made with a reliable, FDA-approved food-grade high-density polyethylene. It is the only growing Channel you can walk on, in fact, you can literally run over it with a truck and it still works! Try that with the standard PVC channels on the market.

AmHydro’s channels make the growing process easier. They are easy to clean, customizable, and best of all, moveable, giving you more grow space which allows you to grow more. With an AmHydro system you’ll grow two and a half times more plants compared to any other system, making your cost per plant cheaper and your return on investment faster. The quality of our channels mixed with the power of our nutrients means you are sustainably growing the best tasting most nutritious food to take to market. If you want to grow organic, AmHydro has the only one part OMRI approved nutrient that has been tested and proven in AmHydro greenhouses for three years. Whether you’re just starting out, or or a large commercial grower, we are here for you the whole way. Take advantage of our expertise at American Hydroponics. We have over three decades of experience and a ton of knowledge, knowledge we love to share. AmHydro offers the best and most thorough consulting from start to finish. We strongly believe that your success is our success. Our vision is simple, we want to change the way the world accesses healthy, local, and sustainable food with you. AmHydro provides the best quality, the most productivity, and industry-leading service and support. AmHydro: hydroponic revolutionaries. Equipment you can count on, experience you can trust.