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IntelliDose Automatic pH and Nutrient Doser – How It Works | American Hydroponics  

Hi, I’m Kelly with American Hydroponics and I want to talk to you about our pH Mini Doser. It’s a really simple doser unit and it just adds pH adjustor to your reservoir, as needed, to maintain your pH levels. It saves you a lot of time and energy and makes your plants really happy. The pH Mini Doser is a very simple unit. It just manages the pH levels in your reservoir. There are a few settings here. You have your set point, your dose times, your dose intervals, if you want it to lower or raise your pH, to force a dose, your alarms, and your calibration. So it’s very simple to set. If I wanted to change my set point, right now we’re reading 5.9 pH, I go to menu, settings, go down and it says S1, so that’s S1 and that’s my set point and if I hit edit I can change that let’s say to 6.0. When you release the edit button, it’s saved. Now I’m on S1 which is my set point, I can change my dose time, so I choose S2. Dose time is the amount of time that the pump stays on every time that it doses. So on this one 1 second is actually appropriate for the size reservoir. If I go down to S3 which is my dosing interval, that’s how long it waits between doses and I have it set at 20 minutes if I wanted to change this let’s say 15 minutes because it’s a pretty small reservoir, I hit edit, get to 15, release and that’s set. If you want to change between lower and upper you would do it here at S4. If I wanted to force a dose, I can go in here and the pH is the off I can push edit, change it to on and as you can see the pH will dose. It will always default back to off because you don’t want to continually be forcing. And then we have the alarm deviation at 6. So right now it’s saying that if it goes point five outside of your set point that the alarm will go off. This is probably a little bit tight so I’m going to change this to 1.0 so if it goes below 4.9 or above 6.9 it will set off an alarm. You then have your alarm dose count per hour so currently it set at if it dosing more than 10 times in one hour it will set off an alarm. Usually they won’t do that that often but that would give you a heads up that maybe something is wrong with either your solution or the probe if it is dosing more often than that. Then you have S8 which is your alarm on and off. Right now we have it set to off but if you want it to audibly make noise in your grow room you can just change it on. And then we have the calibration screens so it’ll always tell you to calibrate 7 first and 4 second. The reason is is that you calibrate to 7 and then you calibrate to 4 so that it has a middle plate between 0 and 7 so it stays fully calibrated.

Once you take the probe and you put it into the calibration solution, you always want to let it sit for three to four minutes so that it temperature compensates and then you can actually edit this. Hold edit and you can move it up to exactly 7.0 and get it set in and then once you’ve calibrated to the 7 you calibrate to the 4 and you hit menu and you can go to your basic readings. The pH is 6.7, your dose count time is seven seconds, and your dose count per hour is 4 and that your system is okay, everything is running fine. So you go back to settings and just give it one second it’ll go right back to your reading and that’s it, that’s the pH Mini Doser. From all of us here at American Hydroponics, happy growing