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Marketing Microgreens feat. Nick Greens

We get a lot of questions about microgreens. Who will buy them? How much can you sell them for? What are the different varieties?

To help answer these questions, we reached out to our friend Nick Greens, a fellow colleague, the founder of Nick Greens Grow Team and a grower since 2002. Nick specializes in microgreens and is passionate about educating a new generation of controlled environment farmers. 

Who is the ideal market for microgreens?

The ideal market for microgreens is largely grocery stores but local restaurants also love them! 

What is the market value of microgreens? 

Microgreens are mainly sold by the ounce but can be sold by the pound if you are selling to local restaurants. 2 ounces of microgreens can go for $2.99-3.99 in the grocery store and can be sold anywhere from $25-$40 a pound depending on the variety. 

What are the different varieties of microgreens you can grow?
What is the most unique?

There are many different kinds of microgreens as there are seeds. Essentially, anything can be a microgreen! One of the most unique varieties are Golden Popcorn shoots. This variety of microgreens grow in the complete dark giving them a yellow color (due to lack of chlorophyll) and they have a subtle sweet flavor. 

What are microgreens used for?

Microgreens can be used to add nutritional value to a meal, add a unique flavor, or simply be used as garnish to give a fresh look to any dish! 

Thank you, Nick!
Learn more about Nick, and microgreens, by visiting Nick Greens Grow Team.

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