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American Hydroponics (AmHydro) of Arcata, CA and ComCrop of Singapore are proud to announce the development of an 8-greenhouse rooftop farm to provide pesticide-free, sustainable food to this Island Nation.

ComCrop, Singapore’s premier rooftop farming company, will be utilizing specialized rooftop greenhouse technology and state of the art AmHydro hydroponic growing systems to address skyrocketing demand for locally grown, sustainable produce.

Converting previously neglected rooftop spaces into urban farms, ComCrop is the 1st and only AVA certified rooftop farm in all of Singapore. Their goal is to increase the volume of domestically produced food, as over 90% is currently imported. ComCrop sells fresh herbs and leafy greens online, to supermarket customers, as well as to restaurants. “This new farm will be producing new crops for these customers by July 2018”. – ComCrop CEO, Peter Barber

AmHydro, worldwide leader in hydroponic rooftop farming technology has previously designed and built rooftop hydroponic systems for successful industry leading growers, such as Lufa Farms in Montreal, Gotham Greens, and Sky Vegetables, both in NYC. This new rooftop farming project now puts AmHydro in 66 countries across the globe.

To design and build their new rooftop growing systems, ComCrop CEO Peter Barber explains that ComCrop chose AmHydro over competing systems because they are best suited for our rooftop environment and will deliver the best yields in Singapore’s unique climate.”

He also adds that the new greenhouses combined with AmHydro growing systems will significantly increase our yield and allow us to sell higher volumes and larger varieties of leafy green vegetables to local customers.”

AmHydro High Performance Growing System

AmHydro Vice President Joe Swartz says, “We are very pleased and look forward to extending our close working relationship with ComCrop as they expand to more sites across Singapore and beyond.”

He adds, “Rooftop farming is just one of the many tools that we will use to feed our urban populations in the future, and working with great companies such as ComCrop will help us to achieve that goal.”

Worker tending current ComCrop rooftop farm

This rooftop farming complex will consist of 8 rooftop greenhouses. The first farm (phase 1) will be 6,930 square feet, capable of producing over 332,000 plants (approx. 90,000 pounds of fresh food) per year. The entire project, when complete, will total over 35,000 square feet.

For more information, please contact Joe Swartz, Vice President of AmHydro at:

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