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Experience is a scarcity in the world of hydroponics.

More and more people are joining the clean food movement every day, which means the demand for locally, sustainably grown food is increasing exponentially. With this rise in demand, the world needs more experienced growers.

Lucky for us, there are passionate groups of people who want to extend their knowledge and empower growers to become industry experts.

From June 5th – 12th, the University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (UofA-CEAC) will be hosting their widely-praised Hydroponic Crop Intensive Workshop.

The workshop will give attendees the opportunity to accelerate their indoor and greenhouse growing knowledge while gaining invaluable hands-on experience at the CEAC Greenhouse.

controlled environment

UofA-CEAC Teaching Greenhouse

Wadsworth Controls, a designer and manufacturer of climate systems that power greenhouses across the globe, spoke highly of the workshop, considering it “a critical service in training tomorrow’s greenhouse experts [that] no other university within the USA can provide the same quality and expertise of service”.

CEAC Intensive Workshops give attendees a semester’s worth of university course content in the span of several days. Specifically, the courses are intended for growers looking to quickly advance their skills as they relate to hydroponic tomato and lettuce cultivation.

For those interested, you have three options:

  1. Attend the first half of the workshop, which focuses on tomato production (June 5-9)
  2. Attend the second half of the workshop, which focuses on lettuce production (June 9-12)
  3. Attend the full workshop and become an expert in both tomato AND lettuce production

For registration or more information on UofA-CEAC’s intensive courses, click here.

Hydroponic Greenhouse Workshops UofA

Remember, the world needs experienced growers! And this is the last time in 2017 to attend both courses back-to-back to minimize your time away from home and maximize your experience!

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