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Hydroponic farming harbors the potential for many unique applications.

One of these applications has been receiving disproportionate attention in the last few years:

Cannabis cultivation.

It makes sense too. According to Arcview Market Research, legal marijuana sales increased by 30% to $6.7B in 2016.

Those numbers are difficult to ignore.

Recently, our very own hydroponic expert, Joe Swartz, was able to speak with Barbara Southworth, a radio host who runs the “Marijuana State Report”, a weekly segment of that helps listeners understand the cannabis marketplace.

Healthy Life is a radio talk show that discusses a variety of topics including cannabis, business, spirituality, fitness, and everything in between.

Joe’s interview, however, focused primarily on the role hydroponics play in the cannabis industry and how to be sure you are receiving credible advice from industry “experts”. Because the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, reliable information can be scarce – especially regarding the role of hydroponics.

Compounding the matter is an overall lack of hands-on experience in the larger hydroponics industry. According to Joe, it is absolutely crucial that hydroponic/cannabis industry members receive guidance from individuals who have worked, failed, and triumphed in the hydroponic industry.

Additionally, Joe was able to discuss various types of growing systems that cannabis cultivators can use, as well as practical ways growers can receive reliable information through webinars, seminars, professional consulting, and grower training.

For those interested in learning about these topics and more, you can listen to Joe’s interview live on Wednesday, June 7th, at 12:00 pm PST on , or catch it on the Healthy Life Podcast anytime.

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