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About AmHydro

Founded in the heart of Humboldt County, AmHydro has pioneered successful controlled-environment crop production for over 30 years. AmHydro has the unique combination of experience; having roots in the one of the most well-known cannabis producing areas in the world, yet also innovating high-level commercial hydroponic growing systems for food production. The focus of controlled-environment vegetable/herb production is to produce the highest quality and best-yielding crops, all while contending with low margins, aggressive competition, and strict food safety standards.

This duality has enabled AmHydro to create systems, growing supplies, and practices that provide the cannabis grower with the highest yield, best crop quality, and fastest return on investment (ROI) in the industry, all while adhering to the strictest standards of purity and food safety. As the legal cannabis market grows and matures, these core principles will become more and more important. AmHydro is a company comprised of actual commercial growers.

 We understand what it takes to produce high quality, consistent crops while maintaining higher margins and receiving the best possible return on your investment.

High quality and maximum production: an AmHydro specialty

Why AmHydro?

  • AmHydro has optimized the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) “Sea of Green” systems for higher quality, faster turnaround, larger cumulative yields, and better environmental control.
  • AmHydro’s multi-zone NFT systems allows the grower a dramatically higher level of nutritional control during each specific growth stage of a crop (including final flush).
  • AmHydro offers complete closed loop growing systems: custom-sized growing channels, variable spacing, benching, plumbing, collection, computerized nutrient and pH control. Systems can be turn-key or completely customizable.
  • Bucket, gutter and slab systems are also available for large framed, long duration crops.
  • AmHydro’s modular system allows multiple zones, varying spacing between cultivars, separate nutrient management systems and different crop support options to allow quick, inexpensive and efficient switches from one crop variety or strain to another or to manage multiple crops within the same grow space.
  • AmHydro has pioneered a 5-stage cannabis nutritional program that is backed by 30 years of commercial success with high-level Humboldt County growers.

AmHydro EPIC Nutrient Line

  • AmHydro provides grower support and consultation indefinitely. Numerous high-level production operations routinely engage AmHydro for grower support services. AmHydro can provide professional grower training, ongoing support, crop management assistance, biological pest control programs, and more. Based on the needs of the individual operation, AmHydro can prepare a specific Proposal for Services.
  • AmHydro currently has successful growers in 65 countries worldwide, has developed over 200 farms since 2012 and has commercial growing operations within the metro area of 35 major US cities.
  • AmHydro NFT systems are the ONLY FDA-approved food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) systems on the market. Food safety standards are becoming increasingly important in medicinal grade cannabis production.
  • AmHydro has been a leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) for over 30 years –specializing in systems that produce very high quality crops, consistently, with a minimum ROI and maximum lifespan.

AmHydro Projects:

Note the similarities!

Highest yields, exceptional quality, rock-solid consistency, and fantastic ROI!

High-level commercial systems. Productivity, quality, low cost, fast ROI

Superb quality – amazing yields!

What would your bottom line look like if you could produce quality like THIS?

Different strains……same results……..supreme quality and maximum returns!

The crops may be different, but the need is the same: High level growing systems, appropriate technologies, correct horticultural practices and EXPERIENCED growing consultants.

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